F.A.Q. (EN)

We want to keep Underground Shows as simple as possible. No logins, no complicated forms. This page provides answers to a few questions, to make it as easy as possible for all of us. Is your question not answered on this page? Or would you like to make a suggestion? Please contact us using theĀ Contact form.

Finding Events

There are two ways in which visitors can find events on our website:

How do I find events matching my favorite style of music?

You can browse by genre to find events that match your favorite style of music, even without knowing exactly what you are looking for. A nice way of discovering events you might never have come across otherwise.

How do I search for something a bit more specific?

You can use the Search page to search for events. Enter the name of a venue, town, or artist, and you will see a list of events matching your search criteria.

Submitting Events

My event should appear under multiple genres. How do I do that?

It is not necessary to submit your event more than once. You can check multiple checkboxes and your event will automatically appear underneath all selected genres after it has been approved.

I made a mistake or want to change something. Help?!

Because there is no need to login, you can’t make edit a published event. Otherwise, anybody would be able to change your info. Of course, we all make mistakes and something can change. Please send us a message using the Contact form, tell us exactly which event and what information needs to be changed, and we will fix it for you as soon as possible.

I submitted the form but don’t see my event yet?

Since everyone can add events and we want to protect the quality of information, we need to approve an event before we display it on our site. We’re doing our best to do this as quickly as possible.

Do I have to enter contact information?

No, you don’t. However, we scan every submission for obvious mistakes. If we spot a potential problem, we will first try to fix it ourselves. If this is not possible, we can get in touch with you using the contact information you provided. Without this information, we can’t get in touch with you, which could result in your event not being approved.